Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Great Hedge Gets Trimmed Down to Size!

Overgrown hedge before I returned home last weekend to a brush pile in my backyard. My neighbours had decided to trim 'our' hedge back. Let me assure you, this was long overdue! The hedge had become so overgrown that was dangerously leaning into my yard, and trimming it had become a daunting task for me. It would take years with a hand trimmer!

The brush pile after trimming the hedge I couldn't help but feel a little guilty that my neighbours took on this big chore themselves. The pile of brush was HUGE! It took up nearly half of my backyard, and they already had most of the small stuff raked and bagged. Maybe it was an Easter blessing, but I am pretty lucky to have such helpful neighbours! In return, I happily volunteered to take away the piles of brush. A borrowed truck yesterday and two dumploads later, and my backyard was clear. I took advantage of the opportunity further, by bringing home a load of compost/topsoil mix from the recycling facility next to the dump.

Neat and tidy border hedgeYou can see that in some places the hedge was trimmed back at least two feet. I may have lost a small amount of privacy, but the sacrifice will be more than worth it when the hedge fills out again, in a clean and controlled fashion! It may take a year, because the trim was so intense, but I also love the extra space I have gained in my backyard! More room for flowerbeds and my garden (which I am planning for the bare spot , which was once a sandbox, in the middle of the photo)!

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