Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Real Owners of This House

Fergie and Penny on their window chair
Check out who has made the chair by the window their new home! They sleep on this chair everyday!! I am not confident that they use the back of it yet to be able to lay down and watch birds, but I am happy that they have found a new bed that is not mine!

If I ever get back to finishing my office (and locate some budget to do so), it is now my intention to make a great spot for them next to the screen door. There are piles of birds, rabbits and other critters in my back yard, and Fergie and Penn
y will spend the whole day in front of the door watching. 

Fergie snacking on his new basket of cat grass
The cat grass that I planted for them has also reached the length where they can ravage it, and they wasted no time investigating the basket when I set it out.

Ahhhh.. little monsters, but they can be so cute sometimes!

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