Monday, October 11, 2010

Colour Me... Matching?

One of the chores on my fall to-do list was painting the window trim outside my house. For some of my windows, this was a long-overdue task. It seems like the spare bedroom window frame has been peeling almost since the day I moved in.

We have had so much rain this fall, I was certain this was not going to get done. So, when the forecast looked to turn warm and sunny and Home Depot put a $7 rebate on gallons of paint, I skipped my way down to the store and picked up the paint. I eagerly awaited all week, brush in hand, for both the weather and my schedule to clear. Friday evening, I set to work with the scraper and sandpaper and Saturday, bf and I tackled the windows.

Here are a couple of 'before' pictures of the front of the house.

This first picture is from fall 2008. 

Here is a close up of the window and door frames.

I had fretted only briefly over the paint colour. Almost a tint of the green, mossy colour on my doors, I was certain Lexington Park would look fabulous. We started to paint, and soon after, I stepped back to admire our work....

Fall 2010: After painting all the window and door frames.
'Oh... Gasp!' Were I think the words out of my mouth. The paint was almost the exact same colour as my siding. Although the colour above looks unfortunately close to the 'before' photo, I can assure you the paint is much lighter.

Bf likes it and thinks the house looks cleaner. I'm undecided. I love bright, bold colours, so I'm mildly taken aback by how much this colour blends into the siding. At the same time, I was tired of the sandy-brown colour that was there and just like the change.

What do you think?

When it stops raining (yes, it's raining again), I'll snap another from the same angle as the first and post it as well for a better comparison.

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  1. I think it looks great! And everything always looks better with a fresh coat of paint. Relax and be happy it is finished and looks wonderful!!