Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Savvy Homegirl = Selling Homegirl?

Much to my surprise, my recent interest in all things exterior seems to have raised some eyebrows around my neighbourhood. It did occur to me when I was sanding, scraping and painting, there were probably a few neighbours peering from behind their curtains with curiousity. At that point though, I thought they were probably gawking studying quizzically at my odd colour choice, which has absolutely grown on me, but is still very similar to the siding.

This past weekend, the weather finally cooperated (somewhat), I had some free time and bf's pressure washer to wash the siding. A few of you suggested waiting until spring, and I seriously considered. Afterall, this fall seems to be busier than any (note the lack of blogging as of late), but the grimy siding and bug guts were getting to me. Another winter of grimy siding would no doubt mean an even tougher cleaning job in the spring.

Mid-way through the task, my neighbour came over to ask if I was selling my house. Apparently, the painting and washing seemed out-of-ordinary. Despite what it seemed, I really just wanted things to look tidy again. Which, they do. Especially by the side door. Remember all those bugs? After a quick scrub, the siding looks white as snow. The neighbours might not notice, but I sure feel better coming home each night!

Can you tell the difference? Before:

After: Pay especially close attention to the top of the wall, near the overhang. That is not a shadow in top photo.


  1. Nice work! Isn't it sad that most people don't do those small but meaningful tasks until they are selling? Your neighbour must have been very impressed when he found out you weren't!

  2. Oh nice. Home improvement? You must be selling! Sadly, I think quite a few homes on the market haven't even been prepped for selling. Kudos to doing a chore you don't HAVE to do just to sell your house.