Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bell Tolls - A Rant

I finally told them off. I couldn't handle it anymore. It started with politely listening to their spiel, honestly interested in the deal they were offering. I would keenly ask questions and ask for time to consider the offer. After some consideration, I decided to stay with my current cable company. Afterall, I'm happy with their service and while Bell may have a great deal on the table today, would it really be worth the hassle to switch?

What ensued has been MONTHS of phone calls. At least weekly, at 6:30PM, they would call. Sometimes, they would call on Saturday mornings or afternoons. My politeness grew increasingly impatient. I started hanging up if there wasn't an immediate response. Then tonight, I (calmly) lost it.

6:28PM. Phone rings.
SH: Hello?
Pause. Consider hanging up.
SH: Hello.
Bell: Hello maam, my name is Peter. How are you tonight?
SH: I'm fine, but I'm not interested in talking. Click.

Wow! That felt good!!!!! I felt a tiny, surge of guilt next for hanging up. How rude, I thought. They probably talk about people like me at the call centre. What a bitch.

I went back to chopping lettuce for my salad.

6:35PM. Phone rings.
SH: Hello?
Pause. Hang up.
Did they call back to tell me  how rude I was to hang up?

6:41PM. Phone rings.
SH: Pause. Hello?
Bell: Hello maam, my name is Ryan. How are you tonight. 
SH: I'm fine. How are  you?
Bell: Good maam. Thanks for asking. I'm calling on behalf of Bell Canada.
SH: I know you are. You just called me, and then you called 5 minutes before that. You call me every week. I'm  not interested in talking. I'm not interested in whatever offer you have on right now, and I'm not interested in switching companies. 
Bell: May I ask why you are not interested.
SH: I'm happy with my current company. I'm not interested in the hassle, and frankly, you call me every week despite the fact I've told you I'm not interested. Please take me off your call list and don't call me again. 
Bell: Thank you maam.

Hopefully that's the end of that. Sorry about the rant.


  1. we had that happen with some energy saver hydro thing. they called and matt asked a few questions about it but ultimately wasn't interested. they called several times a week and then sent a sales rep to our house! I just lied and said we didn't own the house and didn't pay the hydro bill, but i'm sure we haven't heard the last from them!

  2. They can be very agressive. I try not to answer them and if do ask to be removed from call list, but that never happens! Grrr...