Friday, October 15, 2010

"That Was Easy"

I recently received a Staples "easy button' as a gift. I find myself quoting it regularly. Not regularly enough unfortunately, but when it came time to complete my fall to-do list, here we go:

Staples Talking EASY BUTTON - Complete With Batteries

That was easy.

Almost, all done! A warm Sunday morning, a committed Sunday evening, and a sunny Saturday afternoon was all it took to knock most of these babies off the list.

  • Tidy front flowerbed, plant 1-2 mums
  • Paint exterior window frames and untreated wood
  • Clean behind stove
  • Wash kitchen floor
  • Wash siding
The only chore outstanding? Washing the siding. I don't know if I'll do this or not. For 2 reasons:
1) I think this would be WAY easier with a pressure washer, than a garden hose. I don't own a pressure washer and I don't plan to rent or buy one.
2) Does it make sense to do this now or should I just wait until spring.

Ultimately, one more good weekend and I could get this job done. By then, I'll also be raking leaves and cleaning out eaves troughs, so logically that would be a better time to wash my siding anyway. I have yet to clean out my eaves without getting yuck leaves all over the side of my house. It just hasn't happened. So, I guess I just added to my list, huh?

Here we go:

  • Wash siding
  • Clean eaves troughs 
  • Rake leaves
  • Pull up dahlia bulbs
  • Plant & mulch mums

Now, for that nice weekend..... 


  1. Jen - this is Phil - You can maybe borrow my pressure washer - if you promise not to break it - or let Wes break it.

  2. Lists always freakin grow. I never finish a list because I'm always adding to it! I need to pressure wash my brick, too... but if I were you I would wait until spring.