Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do Bees Burrow Nests? These ones do...

Two years ago, I first noticed these perfectly round holes under the eaves of my garage. 'Strange place to drill a hole', was my first thought. Of course, there were ample discoveries that summer, which seemed strange. Then last spring, I discovered a pile of fine sawdust and realized the holes were multiplying. Soon after, I noticed the bees. Not only were there more in my backyard, but they seemed to hover close to the holes. Could it be? Were these seemingly harmless bumblebees creating this swiss cheese effect? It seemed to silly for me to believe, and I reminded myself repeatedly to do some reseach. Repeatedly, I forgot.

This morning, I discovered new sawdust. This time, it is on my front porch and sure enough, there are two new holes. Google was not to wait any longer and behold the answer: Carpenter bees. Bumble bees that burrow or tunnel nests into wood. Specifically, wood which has been unpainted, weathered or soft. All of which, apply to the 2x4's around my garage and front porch.

As I read this University of Kentucky article, you can image how visions of rotting lumber, followed by my house collapsing into itself fast appeared. Accepting what I had previously wanted to ignore, I have decided I need to make these guests know they are no longer welcome. They make a mess also. Pollen, sawdust, call it what you want.. this is still bee poop.

Enter: A new "to do" list
- Paint all exposed wood around the garage
- While I'm at it, I might as well paint the window frames
- Kill the bees
- Plug the holes

It really shouldn't be too bad getting rid of these bees. Of course, I have all the time in the world to commit to it! (sarcasm to the MAX here)!


  1. Just a quick word of warning -- make sure you get rid of the bees before you plug the holes. I've heard that if you just plug it up, the bees find their way into your home.

  2. Yikes!! Good advice! We had already tried to plug some of the holes with spray-foam, and I have found they find a way back into them anyway! Thanks for the suggestion. I will definately be trying to get rid of them, otherwise I think I'll end up with even more holes!

  3. I too had problems with Carpenter bees. They can do some major damage to wood and leave yucky stuff all over windows, of course in my case windows are too high to clean. The only true way to get rid of them is to call an exterminator. Have them treated and then cover wood with vinyl. They love cedar wood. Good Luck.