Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Officially Has Arrived!

Happy first Day of S U M M E R !!!!!

In honour of the first day of summer, I'm sharing a few shots of my mother's flowers. I love my mom's knack to bunch of trays and fill her pots at random. They always turn out bright and cheery and full of variety! Here's a few on her front deck. On the right, one of her beautiful, red lilies.

It seems as if summer has been here for months already, so it's a little hard to believe today is only June 21. I've seen icky fog, had 2 sun burns and Toronto had the 2nd highest UV rating in history last week. Yes, seems like summer has been here for a while.

I have this theory; our Canadian seasons are shifting. We had really warm weather in May last year, then it was cold by July and August. I'm hoping my theory is incorrect, because I'm looking forward to at least 2 more months of this weather. I have a whole bucket list left! 

I also didn't plant my garden soon enough! I'll have to snap some updates for you this week. I caged all my tomotos tonight, and my zuchinni and squash are huge. On the advice of my mother and recollection of the 'everlasting- zuchinni' of my childhood, I ripped out several plants this evening. One plant will bear several zuchinni, so I don't need 15. I also don't need it to take over my garden. My potatos still haven't sprouted. If I don't see anything this week, I may dig them up and plant more spinach or beans.

All my dahlia bulbs have sprouted. I have sunflowers galore from 2009, not to mention leftover onions which have now gone to flower!

I bought and planted my annuals just this weekend. I've been searching for Snapdragons and Sweet Willam (dianthus), and they must be early annuals, because all the garden centres here are sold out. I found them up north at Granny's, in Neustadt. If anyone knows the area, you know Granny's. It's been a fixture in the hamlet for as long as I remember. Every spring and summer, their back lot is full of flowers, and they had beautiful annuals. I grabbed a flat for $10!


  1. Love the flowers!!! The lilies? are beautiful...

  2. I totally thought I replied and it's not here ! :( These are lilies. They were a unique cultivar bred for a fall festival that was held in our area a few years ago. My mom has 3 or 4 and they're a gorgeous, deep red. Beautiful!