Friday, June 25, 2010

The SD Card I Thought I'd Lost

So,  my last post was far too serious and Debbie-downer. Undoubtedly, due to some delirium and lack of sleep. I need to redeem myself, and while equally random, this post is far lighter and a great Friday perk up!

Last week was like Christmas for me. I was certain I lost an SD card almost exactly one year ago. It had a variety of pictures on it, some important, others not so much. Nonetheless, I was frustrated. I looked everyone I could imagine, and I could not find it. Finally, I decided it was gone forever.

While emptying my laundry basket last week, imagine my surprise to see an SD card at the very bottom.

"It can't be," I thought, and shoved the card in my pocket. It had clearly gone through the wash at least once. I was sure, if it was even the lost card, then the data was likely damaged in the wash.

Not only was it the missing card, but all the pictures are fine!! Most were from last spring.. my seed-planting experiment (unsuccessful), Tim Hortons Brier, garden and a few from the farm. Here's a few.

Well, hello there.... how do you do?

Hard life when you're royalty.

Silly spring bunnies and Brownies!

Don't tell her she's on my blog....

Have a
F a  b  u l o  u s     F  R  i D a Y !!!

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