Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Missed an Earthquake Today

Thus far, my focus on Savvy Homegirl has been primarily tangible actions, items or results. With the exception of a handful of personal, random posts, I have paid particularly close attention to avoiding any philosophical, opinionated posts. I don't deem conversation I might have with close friends or coworkers fit for this space.

Until today.

I spend little time, if any at all, understanding conspiracy theories. Despite this, of the theories I'm aware of, I believe their basis lies in some truth. Some of which, serves to condemn the very industry within which I have spent my entire life. I'm not a hypocrite, just realistic. Ultimately, consumers 'choose their adventure' with the dollars they spend. There is a consequence to every choice we make. It's the butterfly effect. Post-recession, in the 'era of sobriety', as my advertising agency calls it, consumers will be more empowered to choose sustainably and change the future.

Or will we?

I missed an earthquake today. Possibly, and hopefully, the only earthquake I will ever experience in my lifetime. I was out of town and did not believe my co-worker when she emailed me. My first thought - an explosion or an act of terrorism (seriously, you'd think I was American - no offence intended). Human error or bad choices, but not an earthquake. We don't get earthquakes.

  • We are 2 days away from the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto. Toronto and the entire Southern Ontario border felt an earthquake today for the first time in 50+ years.
  • Chicago experienced such a drop in air pressure last week, windows blew out of buildings.
  • Saskatchewan has had the wettest spring also in 50+ years.
  • A volcano erupting for weeks on end shut down airspace.
  • Random areas of the U.S. are flooding and on one particular day this winter, 52 of 54 states recieved snow.
  • Hurricane severity is predicted to be higher than normal in 2010.

It is quite possible I pay more attention to world events now than in the past. Nevertheless, the strongest conspiracy theory in the world won't convince me when it comes to weather. BUT there is something going on with this planet and the atmosphere we live in. Something is re-aligning, and when I truly think about this, it scares me beyond belief. I suppose I could google it and learn what interpretations exist. There are likely all sorts of myths and extreme beliefs, not to mention pure scientific explanations. If this is the reality of the world we live in however, then we can not change this. We can only choose how we behave within it. Can we change our actions to counteract any of the above or is this fate 'mashing up' all Mother Nature's baggage on us at once. Only time will tell...

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  1. See, the one thing to remember is that disasters and weirdness happen all over the world on a regular basis.When a few of these things hit close to home, in a part of the world that is normally fairly quiet, it's not rational to assume there are cosmic forces at work.

    As you say, there are scientific explanations. As human beings we've evolved to see patterns at work everywhere. It's been a useful thing, but it doesn't really work when trying to comprehend things like this.

    Just keep in mind: with the speed of the earth around the sun, the sun around the galaxy and the galaxy moving through space, we're travelling at over 500km per second. It's a wonder we don't have more problems.

    There isn't just something going on with this planet. There are lots of things going on with this planet. Most aren't new.