Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hosting a Summer Party

Wildflower Centerpieces at
Living in the heart of Niagara's wine region, it was only appropriate I propose hosting a wine tour for my close friend's bachelorette party this coming weekend. As you know, this is the 'summer of love' and with that comes a wealth of wedding-related events, but this is the first I'm hosting myself and I'm excited to not only "wine and dine" the bride, but all my friends in proper Niagara fashion!

Aside from the water running over the big rock (maybe you've heard of it - Niagara Falls?), this area is abound with beauty; from the bright produce on roadside stands to the dark, blue lake against the setting sun and beautiful vineyards resting beneath the vast Escarpment, I am thrilled to showcase what I love most about Niagara. Including, the culture and charm of our local watering establishments!

Of course, I would be lying if I said the idea of throwing a summer party wasn't exciting alone for this domestic diva! In between life's hectic schedule, I have been cleaning like a woman possessed. It's incredible how driven a woman with visions of sangria, BBQ kabobs and wildflower centerpieces can be after arriving home at 8:30pm to house left alone to 2 cats for a weekend!

I feel much better tonight after a whirlwind of rags, Comet and dustpans, but I am still planning to take Friday afternoon off to be sure I am ready to invite fifteen women into my home for an afternoon and evening. After all, ideally we'll be having a BBQ and my lawn still needs cut. Today's near-tropical storm prevented this once again.

The remainder of my 'big plans' for this weekend's party follow, but only time will reveal whether I actually get them done.

Cake Pops! This is something I REALLLLLY want to do for the party, but I just don't think I have time. Bakerella has great step-by-step tips, and I already have a game plan to eliminate a few, but on Wednesday, I don't have a cake yet or icing, nor the chocolate or sticks. Time is running out!

Dump Run OK, it's not really critical, but I did spend a good hour cleaning my basement tonight, and I would love, love, LOVE to get rid of the nasty fouton before I suggest people set a mattress up next to it for sleeping.

Flower Beds They are an ongoing love affair, because I am never satisfied! I trimmed back some spring perennials this week and am irritated by the naked look. Unfortunately, after a hair appointment and eating out this evening, I don't have the cash in my jars for more plants.

Wildflower Hunt & Centerpiece Building The latter won't be too complex, because I am blessed with the ability to arrange flowers thanks to my very talented Grandmother. Finding them, may be another story because again, I just don't have a spare hour to drive around the backroads hunting them down!

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