Monday, July 27, 2009

If I Ever Do a Giveaway...

Hamilton Beach Brew Station - press and fillHamiltonBeach Brew Station coffee maker
If I ever have a following large enough to do a giveaway, this will be the first one!! I am relaxing at my aunt's house in Grand Bend for a couple of days with my mother, kind of like a mini-holiday, and my aunt has a Hamilton Beach Brew Station coffee maker. Sooooo cool!

Brew the coffee, press the button and voila! Your cup is full! I love it!

On the coffee maker front, I have actually been sans-coffee perk for several months now, since my carafe cracked in the sink one day. Keeping my eyes open for a carafe at Value Village and garage sales, I am still resorting to Instant Coffee, because I haven't been able to find a new carafe and I don't believe I NEED a new coffee maker right now. Holding out for a new carafe might have paid off though, because my aunt unloaded a box of leftover garage sale items (read: not sold junk) to me. Included in the box? A new carafe! The test will be on when I get home to see if it fits my coffee perk. I will also be sure to snap some shots of some of the other goodies for you.. seriously, there's a few mugs that are so ugly they're worth it!

Do you have any favourite kitchen gadgets or appliances?


  1. I couldn't live without a toaster oven. Perfect for heating up leftovers, especially pizza (I hate the soggy bottom you get from a microwave).

  2. Jen, we have this coffee maker & I love more glass pots to worry about & my coffee never tastes burnt. When you are ready to get a new coffee maker, I would highly recommend this one!