Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Flag Reflection in Water Drop by John Gillett, Special to The Hamilton Spectator
Happy Birthday Canada!!

This isn't house related - but I already wrote one of those posts today, so bear with me.

In the past week, I've read numerous blogs, articles and tweets displaying Canadian pride, celebrating our national identity and defining what it means to be Canadian. Many times, I can relate completely to these tales. 

One radio broadcast stands out in my mind particularly from earlier this week, when the announcer told stories of our incredible "politeness". It is SO true. In all my travels, which I admit usually only as international as the United States, I have yet to encounter a nation of people as kind and considerate. Canadians will excuse, forgive, request, and thank others until they are blue, or more appropriately - red, in the face. I have a friend that apologizes for everything, even if I ran over her foot, it would inevitably be her fault. Myself, I thank everyone for everything. Believe me, folks do not always deserve the praise I feel inclined to provide for every phone conversation, customer service and dentist visit.

This is undeniably part of our identity. We are a polite nation, and I think this is an incredible trait to be proud of. 

Finally, the New York Times had a great read on their website today - Our True North is 11 Canadians' stories of what they miss most about Canada now that they live in the U.S.

What do you feel makes us uniquely Canadian?

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