Friday, June 26, 2009

How to Get a Lower Cable Bill

I have read numerous times, you should complain when you are dissatisfied with the cost of your services with a high likelihood you'll be granted discounts to prevent cancellation. Until this week, I had never tried my luck at this. It is worth it to call!

Since adding home telephone to my services, my bill has been over $100 a month. Always looking for ways I can cut costs, because I am still incredibly tight on cash, I decided to cancel my cable TV. It was only the basic package, but I can not remember the last time I watched TV, and I don't get half the channels I'd like to anyway (Food Network, TLC, etc.)

I stated both of these reasons to Cogeco when I called their Customer Service line - not enough use and lack of funds. Braced for a bit of a battle, as we've all experienced with telephone / cable / energy companies, I was met with quite the opposite response from the other end of the line. Concerned I would cancel a service due to cost, the rep offered several discounts that brought my bill back down to pre-telephone levels. The discount amounted to about $25, nearly as much as I would have saved if I'd cancelled cable, but I still kept all my services. The promotion is good for a year.

It definately goes to show sometimes you just have to speak up and ask, er rather, complain. Have you got any great discounts by contacting the company?

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  1. I am moving in August and decided to do some research on my servies. Currently I have home phone from Bell (voicemail is only feature), long distance with Distributel and internet with Rogers = $140/month.

    After doing some online research I thought Rogers was my best bet and I was right! After the move I'll have home phone + voicemail + call display + 500 free long distance minutes, internet and cable TV (which I've never had in my 5 years living on my own) for $120 a month! I admit this is still a lot of money, but for the extras I'll have for less money I can't complain! I got the second best cable package - I'm not paying for cable unless I can watch The Food Network, TLC and CMT!

    When I called Rogers to ask questions and sign up she said I'd qualify for a 10% discount and later on gave it to me for 15% off, just because. Super service, no charge hook up and installation.

    I have nothing against Bell, they've always treated me well, but the Home Phone Advange they have on now is certainly worth looking into!