Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Bye Bees and Other Randomness

Bees are gone! Strangely, we do not know where they went! My neighbours had not heard back from the beekeeper they contacted, but when we got home from work this evening, the nest was gone. Looks like it was cut from the hedge, and very carefully at that. There is barely a sign it was there!

As it turns out, Niagara Region is experiencing a severe shortage of bees! An article posted to the local news lately, tells of the bees disappearing from the wild, possibly due to the fruit crop sprays. I can't help but feel it somewhat disheartening and a little ironic even... the fruit and grape growers depend on the bees to pollinate their crops but the sprays they use are killing the bees. While I am certainly a proponent of conventional agriculture (vs organic), I must admit fruit requires A LOT of spray to prevent the diseases and pests the sacrifice that 'perfect' looking peach. I have seen so many 'misty' fields driving to work in the summers, I will not eat any fruit now before it is washed. But I digress...

Back to the bees. I can only assume they have gone to one of these bio secure hives to hopefully thrive as well or better than they were in my hedge.

On another note, I became one step closer to being a crazy cat lady today. I bought collars for my cats. GASP.. yes, I hate admitting it actually. However, since I have started letting them outside regularly, I think it's a necessity. I worried all weekend, after not being able to find Fergie Satuday morning, I left him outside and drove up north. What is someone stole my precious cat ??! Seriously - he's the well behaved one! Now, when they go for a stroll through the neighbourhood, everyone will know where they belong!

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