Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yummy Snack Mix

You know when you find one of those super, awesome snacks that is so good, you can barely get your hand out of the container to put the lid back on?

I have found one (like any of us need another reason to snack?)! Struggling with the notion of baking sugar-loaded brownies or cookies for my Brownies' "Moving Up" Ceremony last night, I went searching for an alternative 'light snack'. Enter "snack mix" on All recipes.com, and there it is- the first 5-star recipe on the list- Oat Snack Mix.

It was very easy to make with ingredients you have on hand, and the substitution options are endless! I substituted the chocolate-covered raisins for regular raisins and chocolate chips, and I omitted the nuts, in case there were any nut allergies in my group. I accidentally added the cranberries before I baked the mixture, and since the mix bakes for 45 minutes to get that crunchy texture, I had some very burnt cranberries! As a result, I was very happy to have used my stone pan, which scraped clean after a good rinse. I don't want to imagine the scrubbing that would have been required on my 'nonstick' cookie sheet.

While I admit, its not exactly sugar-free, or even low-sugar, the recipe is delicious! I found myself scooping crumbles off my stone pan, even as I headed out the door to my meeting! Too tempting to leave at home, I proceeded to snack on the leftovers all day at work today! I.T. was not impressed to find the sticky honey and chocolate mess on my keyboard and mouse!!

I meant to post a picture for you, but I ate most of it on my way home this evening, so I will have to make more (if my waist will allow it!)

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  1. Looks like a great recipe, I will have give it a try!