Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busting the Monday Rut Midweek with Lobster!

We are well approaching three days into this work-week, yet Enjoying my lobster at homeI absolutely feel like it is still Monday. I admit, this may be my first full week in the office in some time, but must it drag by so painfully slow! I can not even claim to be bored, because my task list is growing daily!

Perhaps this is why last night seemed to act as a final send-off to the weekend (and my Charlottetown visit). My friends and I have been going for tapas (mini entrees) pretty regularly, but we decided to get together at my house to enjoy the lobster that returned to Niagara with me. While catching up on the past two week's gossip, we devoured lobster, fresh fruit and wine bottle tailings- I learned this word on my wine tour. It refers to the leftover wine in a barrel after bottling. I don't see why it could not apply to a bottle also... leftovers when you open a bottle and don't drink it at once, but I digress....

So, I brought 4 pounds of lobster back with me from Charlottetown. It saddens me to think that I paid nearly $10 for the box and packaging just to bring $35 worth of lobster home. I should've brought so much more back! It is unbelievable how cheap lobster is right now in the Maritimes. You can buy it at the dock, from the fishermen for $3.50. Sadly, this is barely enough for the fishermen to stay in business.
I decided to purchase mine, precooked from a market- $6.99 per lb (still way cheaper than the grocery store)! If you're ever in Charlottetown, check out the Water-Prince Corner Shop or MacKinnon's on the Lobster Wharf. Both markets will package for travel and can accommodate for checked luggage or carry-on. If you are planning to eat the lobster as soon as you return home, you can buy raw or 'live'. This is a cheaper option, but it should be cooked within 24 hours. Precooked lobster is good for several days refrigerated, and it is a better option for longer travel or if you can't fancy the idea of putting a live lobster into a boiling pot of water. This freaked me out a little, I will admit! $1.50 nut crackers from Dollarama, and a dish of melted butter and you're ready to go!

My deck and patio areaI also want to give a little garden update this morning. I had mentioned the removal of patio stones, and you can see from the photo on the left, they are now gone and stacked next to garage. You can also see my whole deck (*for you, MI!).
New flowerbed on west side of house
Some of the patio stones went into retaining walls for flower beds, like the new bed on the west side of my house where I am waiting for the grass seed to sprout.

Columbine Perennial Flower Finally, I was also really excited to see the Columbine Perennials out in full blown when I returned home! These flowers are definitely one of my very favourites! Even my garden has sprouted up nicely. This is despite an extra load of topsoil dumped on top of my little seedlings, generously by my neighbour. Radishes are coming up good, while the peas and beans have also sprouted up. The spinach and carrots have just started to sprout, so hopefully the rain this week will help speed up that process.

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