Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friends' Homes Make Good Holidays for this Single Girl!

Coffee Mug by Chris Galfi
Another long weekend is over. Today will certainly be long and painful as I try to adjust back to 'work mode'.

Among other things (yard-work, patios and BBQ parties), I spent some quality time vegging out at a friend's house this weekend. I love these weekends! With nowhere to go and no responsibility, these days are like mini vacations for me! This is especially true when my friends have exceptional taste and great cooking! (Growing up in a Bed & Breakfast environment tremendously influences this also!)

First, I was treated to the most phenomenal egg and sausage english muffins for breakfast, then we lazed around for the remainder of the morning. Gabbing, dozing off and watching the food channel- what a way to spend a holiday?! After lunch, we enjoyed coffee out in the sun on her patio, then I read nearly an entire book! Despite a mild sunburn, it felt wonderful! I could never have enjoyed the same laziness at my own house. I would've felt I needed to be working outside, cleaning or doing something. To top it off, I had great company!!

Being able to get away to friends' houses whenever I please is definitely a luxury I don't appreciate enough. While I hope it not to be true, I have a feeling these visits would not be quite so frequent if I were not single. Good enough reason to stay single? It just may be!

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  1. Ahhh weekends with girlfriends are great. Excellent food, company and conversation all around.