Monday, May 11, 2009

Backyard Makeover is Progressing!

Manic Monday? Not for this savvy homegirl! My first available Monday since I started leading Brownies (it's our last week and the wrap up party is later this week) proved to be very productive!

The temperature was surprisingly warm yesterday evening, so I took advantage of the chance to get some yard work done.

Scott's PatchmasterWith the weeds taking over the former sandbox area and bare patch on the west side where I regraded the yard in the fall, I put down some grass seed. Hopefully new grass will come up soon.

I used Scott's Patchmaster, after a recommendation from the guy at hardware store. The seed is mixed in with mulch and lint. It keeps the seed from blowing away, holds moisture until it can get started and deters the birds from eating it.

As a bonus, it's on sale this week at Home Hardware!

The Scott Patchmaster on my regraded areaMy previous attempt to seed the area was unsuccessful, because I used 'old' seed. Typically, grass seed loses its fertility after a year and will not germinate.

The infamous gravel pile I am starting to loatheRemember that pile of gravel? I am starting to wonder how many times you can move the same pile of dirt? I think twice is enough, but I still have some left! I spread some of it out around my garden, and am building up a pathway around the side of my garage.

My newest flowerbed framed by patio stonesI have also found a better home for my hideous patio stones - as retaining walls for new flower beds and my garden! Slowly, this area is starting to take shape!

Rows of peas and beans in my new gardenFinally, its funny what we learn from our parents. I had to laugh a little at myself as I waddled down my little garden rows, dropping seeds and lightly covering them over. I realized that this was the very way I would help my mom plant her garden was I was a toddler. Just like my mother, I stuck the seed packets onto stakes and tucked them under rocks at then end of my rows as markers. Hopefully with some good rain and sunshine this week, I'll have some little radishes, carrots, beans, peas and a half row of spinach (I'm not convinced I can keep it alive) poking up soon!

Since frost is threatening tonight, I decided not to transplant my beans and peas yet, which are now over a foot tall. That being said, I don't think we'll get frost, because the sky is too cloudy. That's another weather tip I learned on the farm - frost is more likely on a clear night.

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