Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving / Fall!

OH My Gosh! It's already Thanksgiving- well, it was! I can't believe it's over and October is nearly half over! Where did summer go? Wait, when did it start?!

I planned to post all weekend, but between turkey and weddings (yes, I had a wedding on Thanksgiving), and catch-up coffee with friends, the celebration of harvest was done before I knew it! It did occur to me over the course of the weekend that Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. With nowhere to go except my own family's dinner, it is normally quite relaxing. Even with a wedding this weekend, the drive north of Toronto, through the Oakridge Morraine was beautiful with the hills and trees awash in autumn colour. We were even blessed with some sun and blue skies for both our trip out and home the following day.

There is also never a shortage of things to do around my parents' farm on Thanksgiving. I thought perhaps we might be able to take a nice walk through the bush on our property, pull out a hay wagon for a hay ride maybe even. Ha! I was dreaming! With the weather barely cooperating, I arrived home to a yard full of tractors, trucks, fertilizer wagons and the harvester, just waiting for a sunny day. By Monday, when the sun emerged, they were ready to go! Regardless, it's still refreshing to spend a weekend away from the hustle and I enjoy the still, crisp air on a frosty morning on the farm. It was certainly a nice holiday after a few very busy weeks!

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