Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Early morning fall sky over my  backyard
1 year old!! It's hard to believe Savvy Homegirl is one year old today! That also means my home is another year older as well.. yikes!

I am a little disappointed I have not completed as many of the 'fix-it' tasks I wanted to in the past year, but I'm looking forward to a more successful year in 2010. With eight weddings this year, I'm going to give myself a pass - well deserved, in my opinion. With a new job (I got a promotion!), my Pampered Chef 'fun money', and hopefully, a little more time, that office and basement should be easier to tackle!

I am also looking forward to a stronger net worth in the coming year. With my budget tactics somewhat working (some months are definitely better than other), I am confident I can put a bit of money aside, now that my pay cheque is bigger.

Finally, this little blogging adventure has definitely been an interesting learning experience! It's amazing how many times I have the urge to blog about what's on my mind, but I don't have a computer handy to get it all out. My life is hectic at best right now- work, travel (also work), Brownies, Pampered Chef, and of course, the weddings! Luckily, the weddings are nearly done, so Savvy Homegirl should be back more often this fall and winter.

Thank you to everyone that's been reading over the past year! Cheers to one more!

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  1. congrats Jen! It will be nice to have these posts to look back on the first year of owning a home. Might be interesting to give to your kids one day!