Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It's amazing how after 3 weeks away, a cinnamon candle, some pine boughs and a $12 artificial tree can put you right in the holiday spirit!

The first thing I did last week (after laundry) was pull out my Christmas totes and haul out the decorations. Strangely, it seemed there were more than I recalled putting away last year. I guess that's what happens when you scour the post-Christmas clear-out aisle.

I did not end up buying a tree four weeks ago as I'd once planned, and luckily so, because it turns out I bought one last year!!! For $12!!! What a deal!!

You can see, I even had help to assemble it.

I also acquired a lifetime supply of Christmas balls. But for these, I had a plan.

So, I set to work on a rainy day this past weekend (yes, I said rainy) putting up my little tree, stringing boughs along my mantle and decking the halls where they needed to be decked. My naked-looking home finally got a strand of lights on the front tree, and my mood started to feel all-the-more festive. Unable to meet up with my parents to do a little Santa-gift-handoff, bf even took it upon himself to assemble the little, pink "wagie" a.k.a. wagon, for my niece.


Meanwhile, I made good work of the Christmas balls I'd bought on clearance last Christmas. I saw a wreath in a magazine years back, made entirely of balls on a styrofoam ring. I filled a tub with balls, plugged in my glue gun and one "Home Alone" movie-later, I had a Christmas wreath for my door.

 The best part? The balls reflect the lights outside, so while I may have fewer lights this year, my house still seems just as bright!

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