Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

First, a much delayed Happy Canada Day!! For those of you south of the border, Happy Fourth of July!

True, north, strong and free spirit means donning your red on Canada Day. My cherry tomato didn't miss a beat!

I hope you were able to spend as much time outside this past weekend as I did. Partly because you would not have missed my posts, but largely because the weather was pretty much perfect! With Canada Day on Thursday, I took vacation Friday for an extra-long, long weekend. With no special plans, I managed to get in all the little, summer luxaries I love; golf, a campfire, fireworks, relaxing with a cold drink and hanging by a pool made for a fulfilling, yet relaxing weekend.

I even squeezed some small (oh, so small!) chores in there! I tidied my basement, moved the boxes from my (hopefully, soon-to-be-reno'd) office, thoroughly vacuumed and weeded my garden. After two hot days, I broke down and turned on the A/C again today. I could tolerate the heat and sweat when I was cleaning and suncreen-sticky from being outside. Now, working on dinner for bf, it's not so cool (no pun intended), and I'm taking comfort over saving money. Of course, turning the A/C on means all my windows and screen doors are sealed up tight, which means Ferg & Penny no longer have free rein between the house and backyard. I caught someone longing to be back outside earlier today! Hope your holiday weekend was (is) super!

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