Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet My Twin, Check Out My House Tour

This week, I came across my blogger 'twin'. You know how you see people from time to time, who could be a twin to someone you know? It was that kind of experience, but I was online. I was checking out Thrifty Little Blog's Home links and Hip House Girl caught my eye.

Whoa! I thought. Could this be? Are we blog twins? We have strangely similar blogs. And we both likely thought we were unique! Well, I did... kind of. Well, at least until I started blogging and realized there are hundreds of blogging homeowners out there.

Needless to say, HHG has inspired me to post my House Tour page. Why didn't I think of that?! It's a work in progress, not unlike my house. Unfortunately, my Macbook harddrive crashed 2 weeks ago, and I have lost several photos. Luckily, some of the oldies were backed up, and I'm pretty confident I can dig up the photos from my home's 2007 MLS listing. Some of the others will come as I get time to tidy and snap more in the coming weeks. Hopefully you'll get a reno'd office pic one day soon too. Hopefully.

I haven't included a yard timeline, because I plan to dedicate my yard a page all its own. It's changed more than anything in 2 1/2 years! Hmmm Maybe this should be Savvy Yardgirl!

I came across one more "Then & Now" photo for you to enjoy. Remember these two

They were so little back then!

"The times, they are a changing.."

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  1. Hey twin! You know, I didn't even notice the similarities in our blog names until a friend pointed it out, haha. I'm so glad you posted a Tour! Off to check it out...