Sunday, November 15, 2009

So Much For Raking Leaves!

Another fantastic weekend with great weather, and I am finally starting to feel like my house is ready for winter. That is, except, for one extremely visible chore I haven't yet completed. My lawn is several layers deep in leaves from the two large soft maples in my yard, and I haven't raked them yet. While time hasn't been overly available, I discovered a larger problem...

There are no leaf bags in the region!

2 weeks ago, I went looking for bags... grocery stores, hardware stores and Shoppers Drug Mart. Everyone is sold out! The cashier at Canadian Tire told me today they are not only sold out, but they are backordered several weeks! Weeks.... by the time leaf bags arrive, there will be snow on the ground!

Looks like this Savvy Homegirl won't be raking her leaves this fall!

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