Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Real"ator Encouragement for a New Home Owner

I don't know about you, but I rarely* look at mail from realtors. Whether its targeted - "I have buyers for your home" - or just the glossy, guy-on-the-bus stop post card, it hits the blue box. On a related note, one of my managers suggests you should never buy a house whose face you could sit on. Seems like solid advice to me!

* Rarely. Up until a few months ago, I NEVER looked at this mail. Karl is not the realtor I used when I bought my house, but at this point, he's definitely the realtor I would go to when I want to sell. An acquaintance I met through a friend, he's also young and lives in our neighborhood. He's been a great resource if I have questions - he suggested making my basement reno a priority and a roofing company when my roof took on sieve-like qualities.

These, very important, points aside, I simply enjoy his marketing tactics. No glossy post cards or park benches, just the odd letter. Honest and sharing some personal and market updates. As a bonus - a pizza courtesy of Karl and one of his friend's local pizza joints!

I believe word of mouth and personal referrals are important in real estate. This is where you get your business, but there aren't enough good realtors out there so the good ones get even better lipservice and stand a part even more.

Ask me to name a realtor when I moved here, I would have shrugged and said "I don't know, I used so-and-so". Not because I felt you should, but I didn't know anyone to recommend. I believe there are not enough good realtors out there... why else don't we all automatically know someone when asked for a recommendation? Ask me for a good restaurant, and I'll tell you 5.

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