Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Very Productive Last Weekend of Summer

After two days lying around the house, making a serious dent in The Time Traveler's Wife (I'm reading the book AFTER seeing the movie. Recommendation - both are good, book is long!) and completing another season of SATC, I was ready to take on the world again today.

Take it on was exactly what I did too, completing an exhausting list of petty tasks that had been nagging away at my self-conscious to be completed for weeks now. Among them, were some additional "to do's" that were the result of my roof replacement. This included scouring the ground for loose nails that did not make it into the dumpster (and are surely waiting to lodge themselves in my tires). My brother gave me a great suggestion to get the last of the nails.

Attach magnets to a leaf rake and run it along the ground. You need super strong magnets, and while I'm sure you can get something suitable at Home Depot (they were out when I looked), I got Veterinarian Magnets from TSC store. They're compact, but strong enough to stay attached to the rake while I combed the ground for nails. Worked like a charm!

I still have not finished the capping at the top of the roof, and while I know it's something I could likely tackle on my own, I am planning to bride one of my brothers to visit and help me.

I also washed my siding today... blah, I know, what a menial job! Truthfully, I only washed the front of my house and the side I enter thru. A pressure washer likely would've done a better job, and saved me some scrubbing on the really grimy spots, but all I was armed with was my garden hose. It does look one hundred times better - just in time for fall!

Here is my remaining "to do" list for fall:
  • Make a fall wreathe
  • Change the weather stripping on the side door - I can SEE the light from outside, that can't be good for the heating bill!
  • Clean the eaves - still some shingles to be removed
  • Bring in my geranium and pull up my dahlias
  • Pull up the rest of my carrots
  • Paint my porch lights (the hose chipped some paint off them)
  • Touch up paint and seal around windows where its needed
  • Put away the patio furniture
  • Laquer crab apples - is this even possible???!

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