Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Won a VIP Trip to Alexander Keith's Birthday Bash!

OMG! I've never won anything of this magnitude in my life! Well, some might consider the office Leaf tickets last Christmas comparable, but in my opinion they certainly do not compare!

Here is what I won:
Isn't that incredible! You know those coasters you get with your beer at the bar, it pays to enter the contest on them! Sometimes you win!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!

So, the MAJOR downer of all of this.... I can't go :***( While I hate to put work above such opportunities, I have TWO commitments that week! Since I can't even be at both work events, I certainly am not going to be able to get permission to go on this trip!

So, after debating all the different people I wanted to be my best friend, I decided to give the trip to my brothers

The way I see it, I get to travel all the time and have already seen much of Canada. With their commitments on the farm, they don't get away as often, and a beer-drinking, wild party in the Maritimes is right up their alley. I do owe one for helping with my roof after-all and well, I'm going to need someone to help me drywall this winter!


  1. So glad they let you give it to someone else!! They're going to owe you for a looooong time! I'm definitely going to enter all those contests from now on...

  2. congrats!! I love that you gave it to your brothers. What did they say??

  3. That they LOVE me of course!! Just kidding... I think they're pretty excited!