Friday, September 18, 2009

Take 2 Advil, One Season of Sex and the City and Call Me in the Morning!

It is nearly two weeks since my last post. Shameful in the world of blogging where consistency and frequency are king. It's not for want of ideas, more-so want of time to compose them.
Although, for the past five days, I have had such a horrible head cold, the ideas also found themselves thoroughly congested. Finally, with the onset of an immense migraine this morning, I called it a day and spent the rest of a beautiful Friday, in bed, getting some much needed sleep.

By dinner time, I found myself resorting to what any single-something woman would on a Friday night-in-on-the-mend, Season Three of Sex and the City. I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about SATC, but my relationship with the show is still pretty fresh. Not one to blog about relationships or my personal life, I have likely avoided it thus far. After finishing another DVD set, I couldn't resist. As I read a message about a recent acquaintance's preference for scotch, I also couldn't help by here Carrie Bradshaw's voice - "how very 'Big' of you". I immediately pulled out my Macbook, and here I am.

I never watched SATC when it was on TV. As the world, including my friends, became obsessively addicted, I abstained from understanding the attraction. In fact, it wasn't until a co-worker burnt an extra copy of the movie accidentally and left it for me, I decided to get to know the Manola-loving, Manhattan foursome a little better.

Am I hooked? Absolutely! I've surrendered to allow myself to relate to each character in one way or another, and I will never be ashamed of fabulous shoes. Am I crazy for finding life a little more glamorous when secretly narrated by CB? Perhaps it's just the Extra Strength Cold & Flu Medication, but I'll let you decide!

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