Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Savvy Homegirl Has Gone Stainless!

It's almost embarrassing to admit, but I had a fear of stainless cookware! For the longest time, well the last six years I lived on my own anyway, I have sworn by non-stick. Haunted by unpleasant experiences of scraping dinner off poor-qualify pans in college, I was sure nonstick was the surefire way to great cooking. Until tonight!

After six months with a stainless skillet in its box, in my closet, I pulled it out last week. "It's time," I thought. "I need to learn how to use this if I'm ever going to call myself a cook." Finally tonight, I ventured to put it to the test with a casbah chicken and rice recipe.

First, I heeded some very critical cooking advice I recently received from a fellow Pampered Chef consultant. I didn't turn the burner on high. Instead, I heated the skillet up on medium-high heat, added oil, waited a minute or two until it was hot, then added my chicken.

It worked fabulous! My chicken was cooked in five minutes, and it didn't stick to the pan! I was so impressed! I threw my veggies in and they cooked within minutes and when I left the skillet on the burner to go check the BBQ, I came back to my meal the way I left it. I would've been scraping bits of onion, chicken and sauce off of the bottom of my old frying pan.

I don't know how this skillet compares to other stainless on the market. Mine is the 10 inch Covered Skillet from The Pampered Chef. I earned it as part of a sales incentive in January, and I was sure I would give it away as a wedding gift, but when I realized it was worth $160, I decided it may be worth keeping after all. Looking for a good skillet of your own? The Pampered Chef has cookware on sale this month for 60% off! To learn more, check out "For My August Hosts" on my Pampered Chef Website.

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  1. I was also a non-stick girl for years, but for wedding gifts we registered for some stainless pans (because man are they expensive!) and we will never go back.