Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seriously Jonesing for Soda

That's right- soda. Not to be confused with Jones Soda, but good ol' bubbly, carbonated water.

I was cruising through Shoppers Drug Mart, when I was overtook by nostalgia. All thanks to this sleek bottle of 'carbonated spring water' on the shelf. The next thing I knew, I was gladly handing over 1.99 per bottle for nothing more than bubbly water.
Isn't it beautiful?

This isn't a new fad for me. I've had on and off cravings (can you call them that) thirsts for carbonated water since college days. I blame the origin on a three-month exchange to Europe in high school. If you've been to Europe, you understand the value of water. It always comes in a bottle, and it's just as likely to be carbonated as not. The brand I recall being purchased in our household came in a 1L bottle (roughly) and the name was in red font. I was more fond of Rosport Bleu, which was sold in restaurants. To this day, I still have an empty bottle I brought home as a souvenir.

I love the small luxury of having glass bottles of carbonated water in my fridge. The thought of cracking them open and pouring a fizzy glass with a splash of lime is bliss. It never occurred to me before now, I could create this luxury for myself. You can buy a machine for this, can't you?

So, I did a little research.

SodaStream Shop - This one kept popping up; not only in paid search, but also in the various organic search results. It also had several positive comments. $99 - 239 for the machine. Gas refills range from $19.99 - 34.99 (depending on if you keep or exchange container). Glass bottles are available for $17.99, but only compatible with top 2 models. Free shipping in Canada, but returning gas 'carbonators' is at own expense.

Homemade device - This is where my brother would use the term 'gerry-rig'. This looks a little complex.. a CO2 tank! That seems much more intense than a cartridge system. Where would I put it?!

Strangely, I couldn't find many other products, but perhaps I didn't look hard enough. Does anyone else make carbonated water at home?


  1. Sorry, don't have advice... But your post reminded me of when I bought bottled water in Italy when I was packbacking through Europe. Was HORRIFIED to find out that I wasted money when it was carbonated. I could not drink it at all.

  2. I love carbonated water! I now just buy Big K cans of it. I really want one of those soda makers. That's exciting that there's a DIY version! I'm totally going to check that out.