Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Room Makeover - The Project Plan

I have begun. I started the craft room makeover before going on holidays. I even got a post up about it.

I decided, however, the only way I can ever hope to finish this whole big project is if I break it into manageable pieces. Small successes motivate bigger ambitions, right? Well, it sounds good to me anyway.

Enter, the "Mini-Projects", MP for short. I will procrastinate until Christmas, if I don't start making progress on this room. Not to mention, I have Girl Guide craft supplies, a sewing machine, scrapbook boxes and decor ideas all ready to move into a new home.

To the best of my knowledge, there is some sequential order required for the majority of the MPs. Otherwise, I would've painted the walls already and still not have the closet done.

MP #1 - Repair ceiling from leaking roof.
MP #2 - Remove 2x4's & spikes, drywall old closet.
MP #3 - Paint ceiling
MP #4 - Paint walls
MP #5 - Paint closet
MP #6 - Install closet shelving and work table
MP #7 - Layout furniture
MP #8 - Decorate
MP #9 - Move-in day
MP#10 - TIME TO GET MESSY!!                 Completion Goal: December 1, 2010

I have just eleven weeks to complete all nine mini-projects. This should easily be enough time, but I will have to commit to putting as much of my spare time into this as possible. Especially, since the fall is typically my busiest season at work, and I'll be busy with a new Girl Guide unit also.

MP #2 is definitely the hardest on this list. Who uses spikes like this to hold a couple 2x4's in place!!

With a couple good weekends ahead of me, I am aiming to have MP #2 complete by September 26. This will give me another month to paint, yet another to decorate and move everything back into the room. Hopefully, I'll also get to sorting and tossing also- why do I need old textbooks anyway?

I can feel the excitement already of sharing the finished room with you! I have so many ideas, I can barely contain them. Now, to just get started on that closet....


  1. Yay, I love before and after shots! Cannot wait to see finished room!

  2. I have so many plans for a fabulous, fun room!! It's making progress too! I can almost stroke the next task off!

  3. I found some crazy long nails (and waaaay too many of them) when I did the demo of some of my kitchen cabinets. What a pain! Good luck with them :).

  4. What's the deal with those? I guess they must have thought the house would fall down, back in the 60s, if they didn't use spikes?? But kitchen cabinets?! That's aggressive!