Sunday, November 16, 2008

Skip the Gym - Clean and Get a Homeowner's Workout!

Missed the gym because you were wrapped up in housework? Don't sweat it - chances are you already have!

Common household chores can burn as many calories as your gym routine! Here are the calories that a 130lb person will burn with 30 minutes of activity. Calorie burn is increased by 4% for each additional 5 lbs. For example, a 145lb individual will burn 12% more calories than listed below.
  • Walking at a moderate pace - 140
  • Vacuuming - 95
  • Gardening, general - 140
  • Mowing lawn with a regular push mower - 172
  • Mowing lawn with a power push mower - 140
  • Housecleaning - 109
  • Raking lawn - 125
  • Shovelling snow, by hand - 187
  • Blowing snow with walking snow blower - 140
  • Car Washing - 117
  • Cleaning Windows - 138
  • Walking up & down stairs, moderate - 255
  • Cooking - 40-50 calories (use a spoon instead of electric beaters to burn more!)
  • Cleaning gutters – 340 calories
Additional tips to make the most of your household "workout":
  • Use a wax polish in a tin rather than a spray – you’ll need to rub much harder to get a nice shine on your furniture.
  • Hit the stairs! Don’t let things pile up at the bottom – take them upstairs as soon as you need to. Plan your housework so you have to run up and down constantly. For example, empty the dishwasher in the kitchen, then make the bed upstairs, then vacuum the living room downstairs, then clean the bathroom upstairs.
  • Keep the laundry basket on the floor when you’re ironing so you have to bend and stretch to reach the clothes (keep those abs engaged!)
  • Peel, chop, stir, whisk and hand beat to burn more calories in the kitchen or make your own bread – kneading the dough is hard work!
  • Pop in your favourite music and turn up the volume to work a bit harder - and don't forget to sneak in a little dance now and then!

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