Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet my Roommates

These are my roommates - Fergie and Penny Lane.

I realize some of you are grinning in humour, smirking even perhaps - single woman with cats. Very original, fitting even? My friends have assured me, however, that I am not 'crazy' until I have at least 3. So I am still safe. (No offence to anyone with 3+ feline friends).

The lives of these former barn kittens are both cruel and fabulous; no longer free to roam as barn cats, yet disgustingly pampered and spoiled as residents of my home.

So spoiled in fact, they have staked claim to my office chair, living room furniture, and bed, which has left me with a great and embarrassing dilemma. Cat hair everywhere! I have become the #1 buyer of lint rollers, because washing my throws and sheets does not remove the hair.

Can anyone suggest some solutions to keep my sheets and blankets hair free?


  1. hey jen. i have a few cats and a dog so i know about ur problem. what seems to work for me is using a paint roller with packing tape wrapped around the roller part. it works nice because u can just leave the sheets/bedding on 'n roll all over the bed. anyway, just an idea, hope it works for ya. best of luck!


  2. Hey Terri!

    That's a great idea! I imagine its much more effective than a small lint roller! I'll give it a try! Thanks!

  3. I found that my cat is just as happy to curl up on a fuzzy towel convienently placed on the bed where she most frequently sleeps. Also by discouraging her from sleeping on other surfaces I block them with a big pillow or something she can't get up on...

  4. That is also a good idea. I will definately try the towel.

    Another friend suggested the "Furminator". It's a brush that works really well to remove excess hair and reduce shedding. It's $42 (!!) from PetSmart, but she assured me it works very well!