Friday, March 25, 2011

Vacation property a la Kate Winslet-style

First, I'm looking for a cottage rental on Manitoulin Island. Anyone know someone?

Some might not even know where that is. This should help.

That's the 31st largest island in Canada, according to Wikipedia. Largest in the great lakes with a booming population of 12,600. Actually far bigger than I expected. But I digress. If you know someone who has a brother / sister / stepdaughter / uncle with a cottage, let me know!

It was while searching for a cottage that my mind starting wandering toward 'house swap' websites. After quickly realizing no remote, island cottage was going to be found, I couldn't help but see what else was out there. Naturally, I went right to England to see if all the homes looks like Kate's quaint little, country cottage in "The Holiday", and I did come across this gem!

What about this super cute place on the Avon River?

BF and I have been talking about taking a trip, so I was starting to contemplate the house swap concept, when one glaring item came to mind. Could I get a swap with my house? It's cute, but what do I have to offer? 

  • Near wine country (by Canadian standards)
  • Big semi-private backyard, deck and hammock (soon)
  • Good neighborhood
That was all I could come up with. Who wants to vacation on a busy street in the 'burbs afterall? It's not even quiet.

It would never hurt to post though, right? It would also be a good motivator - get my house up to 'swappable' standards. Then, I realized BF's place would be even better- in the country, backing onto a woodlot and large river, overlooking rolling fields. All that's missing is a deck and a couple of big, comfy chairs. This might be even better motivation to get his house in 'swappable' condition! 

I may be dreaming, but what a great way to vacation, don't you know? Has anyone done a house swap or know someone who has? Any recommendations or insight?


  1. Ohhh, I feel like our house would be a good candidate! Matt and I always talked about living somewhere different every year for a month or so. This would be a great way to do it!

  2. wow. that house by Avon River looks so... tranquil and lovely. Something out of an English storybook. O_O!

  3. I would totally stay in your house for a month, Allison. Think of the selling features... a short walk to all the cheese you could ever want to eat. I'd be sold on that alone!

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