Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rake Leaves in a "Snap"

fall leaves
Arguably, the best part of fall is the beautiful colours.... unless they are on your lawn!

Bagging leaves by yourself can be a frustrating chore. Trying to get the leaves from the pile into the bag can take some creative maneuvering. Leave them too long, and the leaves may be wet and rotting, making the task even dirtier!

If you have some beautiful trees that like to share their wealth in the fall, consider purchasing the Magic Ring. This handy little gadget can be big-time useful. Snap it open, pop it in the top of the bag, and you're ready to go. Ta-da! The bag stays upright and open!

Magic Ring can be found at Canadian Tire and Home Hardware for only $7.99.


  1. dude, you should be getting paid for all these tips!

  2. Thanks Allison! I can only hope it gets that far! Glad to hear they're helpful!